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It is not actually uncommon to stay out at night in the restaurant or at bar in Chiang Mai and hear sound of elephant trumpeting in the elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai. On the other hand, it barely seems like the typical day in life of the ordinary elephant. Unluckily for few, though, it has also become that. Though numbers also have decreased dramatically in last year, the handful of the street mahouts yet take jungle creatures in the traffic on nightly pub crawl who are begging for the food. They also walk around with the bags of the peanuts, mainly in the crowded tourist areas; bags are also sold and peanuts fed to elephants. Several people even make few monetary contributions to have the photo taken while tipping back the cocktail. You should also admit that it’s a bit of the novelty and barely something much westerners experience in the home towns.


Elephants usually have long been the integral part of the Thai culture and society for several years. They are usually used in the battles as transportation for Kings and different royal army officers. At specific time, the elephant population in elephant nature park chiang mai was mainly around 100,000 as it is opposed to about 4,000 today. Also, Elephants were also often captured and were also used for the purpose of logging, after the ban in late 1980's, several of them entered in the tourism industry by performing in different shows and the trekking camps, along with the begging of street, and usually mistreated.

One person has tried to a certain extent successfully to stop the abuse of elephant and return them to much natural environment or best elephant sanctuary chiang mai. It is really difficult to imagine at instance glance that the petite frame is also well capable to encapsulate the larger than the life spirit.

There is abundance of information and details for those people who are interested for the riding elephants and the tourist office has also stacks of brochures for selecting from. The tourist drove out of the town for about one hour and made their way to entrance of the elephant sanctuary thailand. She also had been expecting this, when they arrived, the woman who was standing near outside kitchen waved her hand and motioned to come over. She was Lek and was actually busy to help as well as to prepare the daily meals for several people including 60 fulltime staff and some other volunteers.

When you visit Upstairs, the day visitors as well as the guides are also gathered, drinking the complimentary coffee in a huge Thai-style of the wooden building. The grounds, even though it is managed perfectly, maintain natural beauty of the jungle retreat with abundance of open space which is surrounded by the mountains. Also, chiang mai elephant is a wonderful elephant sanctuary which has completely natural environment. In this natural park, Lek asked us to follow and the tourist headed over to the group of elephants. Yes, there was not any conversation happening. She soon was seen caressing and playing with 4-month of old baby elephant for 30 minutes and above. She also told me that this was part of daily routine.