Spend Your Holidays in elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai

There are many people that travel to Thailand to see the bigger animal - elephants. But some people do not think regarding visiting in a dependable way. Elephants are generally abused for the tourist amusement to ride, but instead you can without any difficulty make a dissimilarity and visit an elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai.


As there are many people that once rode an elephant some years before we knew superior, we can prove that visiting an elephant nature park chiang mai is a lot more fulfilling and enriching than taking on their backs as well as moving in circles.

Coincidentally, these days, there are many tourists and companies that are taking a stand as well as adding answerable travel to their itineraries.

The chance to encounter much rare elephants draws people from all over the world to chiang mai. All we know that elephants are very intelligent creatures -- they have the biggest brains of land mammals. Sorry to say, imprisoned elephants have endured awful abuse to ‘break’ them into being passive around humans. In case you like the world’s biggest land mammal then you may need to think about volunteering at an elephant sanctuary thailand.

Volunteering with biggest elephants is generally a very satisfying experience. Retired elephants are no more able of reentering the wild and depend on human support for routine nourishment and care. The most excellent sanctuaries are those with big land plots which let the elephants to freely roam in semi-wild conditions.

Doing work with elephants is one of the famous volunteer activities in Thailand and you can also enjoy riding elephants in Thailand.

Does the elephant sanctuary give damaging tourism experiences?

Riding elephant is not the just unprincipled task -- elephants do not generally want assistance with bathing or to cleanse on schedule. A legal sanctuary permits elephants to live as they happy.

To effectively keep your ethics unbroken, you should stay away from companies which allow tourists to feed, bathe, or touch elephants. Not work together with an organization that utilizes elephants for different performances, like elephants painting along with their trunks. Stay away from any fake sanctuary which promotes elephant rides, also bareback.

Is suitable training offered for volunteers?

A principled elephant sanctuary would employ their volunteers in proper level of training with elephant keepers or mahouts, to confirm they understand how to securely interact with the creatures. It is important to join a wonderful program which confirms you will always be in the incidence of an experienced mahout and that you will not be expected to control the elephant on your behalf. Having proper travel insurance in the case of any emergency is always a wonderful idea when doing work with animals.

Are you ready to do work which does not involve elephants?

Do not expect to spend whole day with elephants because the work that wants to be done at most of the sanctuaries is manual labor like preparing food, cleaning enclosures, assisting with building projects close to the site, etc.