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Dec 2-13

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Title of Story: The Harvest Birds

Paired Text: The Treasure

Essential Question
What do traditional tales tell readers about life? 


Reading Skill: Drawing Conclusions, Literal and Nonliteral Language

Reading Target:     I can draw conclusions about the events and characters in the story.
I can tell the difference between literal and nonliteral language.
Drawing Conclusions: Authors don't always tell readers everything about the characters and events in a story.  Instead readers should look for details, such as what a character says or does, to draw conclusions, or figure out the details the author didn't include.

Literal vs. Nonliteral: An author can use words in different ways to tell a story.  One way is to use a word's literal meaning, or its exact meaning. Another way is to use a word's nonliteral meaning, or a symbolic or figurative meaning of a word.

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