Custom Made Leather Sofas

Karlsson brings exceptional hand-crafted quality to the design and manufacture of leather seats for automobiles, couches, and armchairs. Our solutions are precisely customised to your dimensions, space, and style. Karlsson specializes in handcrafting high-quality, well-proportioned, and comfortable couches, arm chairs, and recliners. Our custom leather sofas are made to your specific dimensions, space, and design.

All of our items are created to order for discriminating customers all around the world. We never, ever compromise on quality as a fundamental value. Only the best European components and leather are utilized. We guarantee authenticity and will constantly try to provide an outstanding value offer to our customers. Our one-of-a-kind products become objects of pleasure that enhance the client experience by paying careful attention to detail. From goods to services, we develop our uniqueness via a never-ending pursuit of perfection.




What We Stand For

Karlsson was established in 2007 as a genuine bespoke-leather-boutique to provide discriminating customers with leather goods of exceptional quality, handcrafted workmanship, and excellent service.

There can be no compromises when it comes to decorating your home theater recliner sofa, workplace interiors with sofas, or re-upholstering your vehicle. As a result, we tailor our goods to complement your surroundings and reflect your preferences, all while providing the greatest value offer.

At Karlsson, you can choose from a broad range of high-quality genuine leather sofa set imported from Europe. Karlsson has gotten extremely positive comments and evaluations from happy consumers over the past few years. And our consumers continue to motivate us to continuously enhance our goods and services.

Why Karlsson Leather

Karlsson was established in 2007 with the intention of producing high-quality leather products from the finest European leather skins. Our skilled leather artisans produce items of the highest quality, elegance, and comfort. And our unwavering pursuit of excellence and quality enables us to develop goods with distinct and long-lasting value. As most of us are aware, merchants provide theatre seating couch at different pricing ranges. So, as a prospective client,


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What Should You Look for?


Sofa sellers are after all companies, and pricing will vary depending on a variety of variables. The retail overheads and cost to market are significant costs. Your goal as a prospect should be to get the highest quality leather couch. Be aware that in order to fulfil specified reduced pricing Some sellers provide custom made leather sofas with a “leather match” or “touch leather” finish, which means that all contact areas are genuine leather and the rest are fake leather. The disadvantage here is that the colour of the genuine leather and fake leather will change over time. In addition, since the goal is to save expenses, the quality of leather used in the contact regions will be of a lesser grade.