Honors Biology

Weekly Syllabus


Honors Biology A

Week of: August 31-September 9, 2011


Theme(s): Introduction to Biology and the Nature of Science; Scientific Methods and Experimental Design; Organization of Life; Energy


Wednesday: Introduction to Biology; Scientific Investigation; Experimental Design

Activity: Controlled Experiments and Identifying Variables

levels of organization.jpgHomework: Review Experimental Design; Sign Class Expectations Sheet


Thursday: Review The Nature of Science (1-1); How Scientists Work; Scientific Methods (1-2); Mini Lab: Metric System (1-4)

What is Biology? What does it mean to be “alive?” Characteristics of Life; Levels of Organization (1-3)

Homework: Read Section 1-2; Answer Questions #1&4; Active Art: Redi’s Experiment Activity; Visit: PHSchool.com; Web-Code: cbp-1012 (go through the activity; print out and answer questions); Hand in both TOGETHER

Quiz Tuesday: Experimental Design; Characteristics of Life; Biological Organization


Enjoy the Long Weekend!


Study Island Assignment #1 Pretest; Due: Friday, Sept 9.


Tuesday:  Experiments Cont. Jenner and the Smallpox Vaccine; Quiz!  Experimental Design, Levels of Organization and The Characteristics of Life (hint for bonus: review the metric system); Introduce Ecology (basic vocabulary); Energy Transfer

Homework: MCAS ORQ: Food Webs (2); 3-2; #1-5


Wednesday: Review MCAS ORQ grading procedures (using Food Web ORQs); Introduction to Community Relationships (4-2)

Homework: MCAS ORQ and Multiple Choice Packet: Community Relationships


Thursday: Review Energy Transfer and Community Relationships within an Ecosystem; Project: Biogeochemical Jigsaw (due: Monday, September 12, 2011)

Homework: 3-3; #1, 2, 4, 6, and Active Art: Water Cycle Activity; Go to: PHSchool.com; Web Code: cbp-2033 (go through the activity; print out questions and answer.   Hand both in together.


Friday: Biogeochemical Cycle Project: Research and Material Organization

Homework: Analyzing Data: Farming the Rye (p. 79); # 1-4; Finalize Biogeochemical Presentations for Monday!


Reminders: Study Island (Assignment #1: Pretest) is due Friday by 12:00 midnight!  Also, come to class prepared to present on Monday (at the start of class).  If you need copies made, please let me know BEFORE class.  Have a great weekend!