Everyday Mathematics 

                                                                            Unit 1                            

   Major content ideas presented in Unit 1:

    Number Theory

      The Student Reference Book

      Arrays as Representations of Products and Quotients

      Automatic Basic Facts "Reflexes" for Multiplication and Division

      Factors and Factorization

      Tests for Divisibility

      Square Numbers and Square Roots


       Unit 1 Vocabulary:

   Commutative Property of Multiplication         compsite number             divisibility rule                divisible by

    even number               exponent          exponential notation         factor             factor pair           factor rainbow

    factor string          length of factor string         name-collection box     number model        odd number      

   prime factorization       prime number       product       quotient       rectangular array       remainder        

   square array      square number        square  root         turn-around rule      



   Students investigate Goldbach's Conjecture

    Students use the Sieve of Eratosthenes to explore the concept of prime numbers


         Student Reference Book:

   pages 10,  306,  325,  333  and  334