Reading Class

Reading with Mrs. Jones

During Reading block this year, we will be using "The Daily 5" format for our independent work time in Reading while the teacher is working with small groups.  "The Daily 5" is designed to help our students learn strategies to become independent readers, writers, and thinkers.  They will spend time in each reading class in some of the following areas:  *Read to self, *Read with someone, *Work on writing, *Wordwork, and *Listen to reading.  While in small groups, students will work with the teacher on developing reading/writing strategies, expanding vocabulary, enjoying/critiquing literature, as well as other skills. 

This week, we will be starting a unit on Folk tales (Myths, Legends, Fairy Tales, and Fables).  We will be discussing the differences between these types of stories, the lessons within them, and enjoying stories of each type.  We will also try our hand at writing these types of literature. 

Our first quarter benchmark is fast approaching and will take place on Nov. 5th.  We are practicing taking the tests on the computer in class.  Please remind your child often of the importance of doing your best on all assignments in class!