Welcome to 5th grade!  I am very excited to have your child in my class.  I want this year to be a great year of learning and growth for your child, so I have compiled a handbook to share with you the policies, procedures, and expectations of the year to come.  Please review the handbook with your child and sign the contract at the end of the handbook so I know that you have read and understood the information contained here.



                In order for constructive learning to take place in a classroom, rules must be in place to prevent chaos.  These rules are made not to punish your child, but to ensure that he or she has the best environment in which to learn.  I will discuss this plan with the students, but I would appreciate it if you would also review the plan with your child as well. By working together, we can ensure that your child will receive the most positive educational climate possible.


Classroom Rules

1.    Respect others and their belongings.  (This includes no hitting, stealing, fighting, talking when others are talking, name-calling, etc.)
2.   Laugh with everyone, but never at anyone
3.   Follow the Directions the first time they are given.
4.   No arguing with the teacher or others.
5.   Do your personal best on everything you do. 


Your child is ALWAYS responsible for his/her own actions as an individual.  When students choose to misbehave, helping them realize their mistakes is important. To do this we will allow students to explain what happened, why they chose those behaviors, what they would have done to avoid the misbehaviors, and what they plan to do in the future to avoid making the same mistakes again. This is done to help the students become willing to accept responsibility for their mistakes and their plans to redirect those behaviors in the future.  Part of accepting responsibility is also accepting the consequences that come when one does not follow the rules and expectations.

If your child chooses NOT to follow the rules:

1st time - Verbal warning – Mark Circle 1 on Behavior Sheet

 2nd time – Lose 5 minutes of recess – Mark Circle 2 on Behavior Sheet

3rd time – Lose half of recess – Mark Circle 3 on Behavior Sheet

4th time – Lose all recess – Mark Circle 4 on Behavior Sheet

5th time – Note/Call home to parents and visit Office - Mark Circle 5 on Behavior Sheet

**In cases of severe offenses (hitting, fighting, stealing, drugs, weapons) the student will be sent to the office immediately and consequences are determined by district policies** 


 In 5th grade your child can expect have homework in at least one subject, if not more, every night.  The homework that comes home will always be something that we have practiced and discussed in class, therefore, your child should know how to do it.  I expect every student to do their absolute personal best on each assignment, and I expect them to do it by themselves.   If a student does not understand something, it is fine to guide them and help them, but please make sure that it is the child’s work!  After all, homework is meant to help reinforce the material that we have learned in class together.           

ASSIGNMENT BOOKS – These books will be kept in the student’s S.T.A.R. binder at all times.  The assignments for the day will always be listed on the board, and your child is to copy them into their assignment book every night before leaving the school.  I will go around and initial the books before they leave to ensure that they have written the information down.  Please check your child’s assignment book each night and initial that you have seen it.  I do not usually assign homework over the weekend; however, there are times that we may, so please check.  Homework will also be posted on the classroom website in case students forget.           

LATE ASSIGNMENTS - Assignments are expected to be turned in by 8:35 the morning that they are due, or they will be considered late.  Late assignments will have 10% points taken off of the final grade, and students will pay a $5 Brain Buck fee.  If a student turns in an incomplete assignment, it will be passed back to them, and they must complete it and return it by the next day.  It will also have 10% points deducted from the total.  These percentage points really hurt a student’s grade, so it is important that the students show responsibility and turn their assignments in completed and on time.  Students who do not turn in their work on time will miss recess to complete the work.                    

MISSING WORK SLIPS -  If a student does not complete an assignment and turn it in, he or she will lose recess in order to stay in and complete the assignment.  A homework deficiency notice will be issued.  The notice will have the name of the assignment(s) not completed, the student’s signature, and my signature.  The student will bring this note home to be signed by a parent or guardian.  Students should return these signed slips the next day.  Copies of these slips will be put in their file, and the number of slips will greatly affect a student’s work habits grade.         

CORRECTIONS -  If I see that a student has struggled greatly with an assignment, I will pull that student aside and work with them to ensure they understand the material.  They will be given the chance to correct their work.  Corrections will always be passed back in the morning and will say “Please Correct and Return” on the top.  The corrections are due back the next day by 8:35 a.m. to receive credit.              

SPECIAL PROJECTS -  Throughout the year there will be many times that Special homework projects will be assigned.  Often these assignments will require more effort from your child, such as research, a book report, or constructing a model/diagram.  A note will always be sent home to inform you of these projects, as well as when they are due.         

ABSENCES - When students are absent, they are responsible for making up the work.   Students will have an “Absent Folder” on their desk when they return.  Students have the same number of days they were gone, for example, if John misses two days of school, he would have two days after he returned to school to make up the work.  Much of our classroom activities cannot be done at home (group work, experiments, in-class games, buddy class activities, etc), so regular attendance is encouraged.

Grading Scale

A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C =70-79

D = 60-69

F = 69 and Below


  Inside the students´ binders will be a weekly record sheet on which the students will be responsible for marking out the circle according to the number of warnings they had each day.  They are also responsible for recording what their warning(s) were for each day.  If a student does not receive a warning that day, they do not mark out any circles.  I will go around each day and initial or stamp each sheet to ensure that the students have filled this out honestly and correctly.  I will also record the warnings given each day in the grade book.  These record sheets will help decide your child’s conduct grade.  Each day on the sheet is worth 5 points, so for normal school weeks, there will be a total of 25 conduct points.  For each warning a student receives, they will lose a point.  At the end of the week, the students will total up the amount of points they earned and write it at the bottom.  The totals will be recorded in the grade book.    

This sheet will come home on Fridays, and must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned by the following Tuesday.  They will then be filed into the students´ files.  The students should not lose this sheet, as it will be in their binder in a protective sheet, but in the case that a student accidentally loses their behavior sheet or does not turn his or her sheet in, 5 points will be deducted from the student’s previous total.  Students who turn in their record sheet by Tuesday and have it signed will receive $5 extra Brain Bucks.*** In the case of severe offense, a phone call or note will be sent home immediately. ***