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Second Grade's Objectives

for the week

February 6 - February 10th


Spelling test on Friday over these words:


Spelling Words: flower, water, under, over, better, sister, brother, mother, father, after  Challenge words; other, center

Sentences: 1) Can I smell the flower? 2) Our car went over a bump. 3) I will call my mother.


Reading: We will be doing the story Brothers and Sisters this week.


Phonemes, blends


           Predicting/Drawing Conclusions

           Identify details, main idea, supporting details

            Decoding strategies - prefixes, and suffixes

            Setting of the story

         Cause and Effect

        Compare and contrast

        ou, ow sounds

        Affixes: er, est, ing, ed, ly, ful




          Language Skills: Identifying the four types of sentences:

                                    Telling, Asking, Excitement, Commands

                                    Identify and write verbs in a sentence

                                    Introduce pronouns/ special nouns

                                    Review contractions

                                   Verbs in sentences

                                    Identify and combine sentences



                     Resources and their uses


Start Unit on soil identify simple tools and their uses- thermometer, magnifying glass, ruler, etc.

How worms change soil.

Weather: seasons, types of weather- thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes


Math:  Chapter 16  Charts and Graphs

             Bar graphs, points on a grid, mode, range, median

             Fluency with basic numbers to 20 - subtraction

Use mental math for addition and subtraction


Social Studies:  Unit 3  Introduce Unit 3

Vocabulary - goods, barter, services, trade, produce, producer, producing, consumer, consuming

Discuss spending and saving


Upcoming events:

Feb 23, 2012  PTO meeting 5:30

 Valentine's Party Feb. 14th - 2:00 -3:00.

Parent/Teacher Conferences Feb. 16th from 3:00 to 6:00.

Our second grade Prince is William Akins and our princess is Madison Johnson.  We need items to put in our basket to auction of during Gree Acres Day May 5th.

We will have two baskets - one an office/school supply basket and the other a toy basket.

Our Second grade field trip to Onondaga Cave is May 11th for those students who do not have 3 or more pink slips(majors).

Daily homework is spelling words 10 minutes, reading 10 minutes- read newspaper, a book, etc. and 10 minutes on addition and subtraction facts.

We are still collecting money and items for Joplin.  Thank you!


PTO Meetings have changed to Thursday nights at 5:30 for March 22 and April 5th. 






 Miss Todd