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40 Book Challenge

4th Grade 40 Book Challenge

5th Grade 40 Book Challenge

Dear Parents,

The goal of the 40 Book Challenge is to get students to explore reading different genres. The best way to become a better reader is by reading voraciously.

Reading 40 books might seem like a lot, but it is really only one book per week. This can be accomplished by reading during our class independent reading time and by spending at least 20 to 40 minutes reading per night.

Reading completed at home, over holiday breaks, and on weekends can also count toward the 4o Book Challenge!

Books may be chosen from the school library, my class library, the public library, or a personal reading selection. Books read for class count too.

Parents should check reading folders to monitor progress. Students are responsible for keeping track of the books they read by completing the following steps:

1. Students choose to read a book that fits requirements for their genre tracking sheet and write the title of the book upon completion.

2. When a student finishes a book, he/she will complete a deliverable.  These documents are put into student three ring folders—creating a 40 book portfolio.

3. For each book completed, students will conference with me and get their 40 Book Challenge tracking sheets signed.

Additional Guidelines

• Books should be good fit books

• Longer books may count as two or more books

• Shorter picture books count if they are part of a classroom lesson

• Students who complete the 40 Book Challenge are encouraged to continue reading and add to their 40 Book Challenge portfolio.