Don't have a piano at home?  Here is a cool virtual keyboard.  It's free!   Here's another online interactive piano that will show you how to play scales and chords.

Love to act?  Take a class or audtion for a production through the Columbus Children's Theatre!

One of my all time favorite kid's music site is The New York Philharmonic Kids Zone.  Check it out!! You can learn about instruments, composers, and the orchestra.  There are lots of fun games - you can create a virtual instrument, write a song, listen to every instrument, and learn about the history of music. 

Need to practice your note names?  Try "Staff Wars!"  You do need to download the game and install it on your computer.  It is FREE - but be sure to check with your parents before downloading.

 The Dallas Symphony Orchestra's Kids Page includes a lot of fun games to help you learn music skills.  There is a lot of infomation on the orchestra and you can take a virtual tour of their performace hall! 

 Music Kids' Korner from The Music Education Madness site has some fun concentration games and a great recorder fingering chart.

Sunrise Gospel Jukebox lets you listen to classic gospel hymns for free.

Classics for Kids features a composer each month, has "seasonal" classical music, a music dictionary, great information about the instruments of the orchestra,and a lot of cool games that teach music.  I think you'd really like "Compose Music!"

Want more composition tools?  Check out the "Creating Music" site.  This site allows you to create songs online and has some fun games for memorizing musical patterns.

Explore the Science of Music! Another fun site that lets you compose and mix your own sounds while learning about the science behind music.

In Global Groovin' , you can select instruments and patterns from around the world to create your own dance mixes!  This is part of the PSB Kids website.

Check out my performing group - I play in a Celtic/Appalachian Group called Evening Rose!