Note Name Help

 black and white notes

By the end of third grade, every student should be able to identify treble clef note names.  To be truly musically literate, you need to be able to identify them instantaneously, because if you are playing music and have to stop to think about the name of the note, you won't be keeping time accurately.  By the third quarter of fourth grade, students will be applying this skill by playing the recorder.  At the end of fourth grade, we start to learn the bass clef notes as well.   Reading music is an important concept that we will continue to work on each year, and you need to be able to do it to be a sucessful performer.  Just like when you learned your math facts, this will take some drill and practice until it becomes ingrained!

 Here is a flashcard packet you can print out for drill and practice.  It contains both treble and bass clef notes.

Here is a free online game from Classics for KidsThere is a lot of other cool music info here you'll enjoy.

Another game - Eek!  Shark!  lets you select treble or bass clef.

Here is a Bass Clef online game