Resources/Professional Development

Significantly Improves Quality of K–3 Teacher Instruction w/the Use of LETRS Training

Phonics is a key skill for students to master in their early elementary years. In Mississippi, many publc school districts implement the LETRS curriculum. 


K-12 Career Exploration Lessons

As educators, we always desire to keep our children's mental/social/emotional needs a top priority. This goes beyond academics. Including activities in career exploration (as provided on the website above) creates a real world application opportunity for our students. 


Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn How to Read

Parent often feel overwhelmed when helping their children with academics at home. Subjects are taught differently than they were just 5 years ago. Providing parents will a guide helps ease some of their stress. 


Khan Academy

This website is a great source for parents and teachers to utilize inside and outside the classroom. By grade level, it offers courses in math, science, history, English Language Arts, and even life skills. You can start with a free trial membership to see how it works best for you before committing to the website. 


Syllabication Lesson

Lesson with Miss Ezelle

Let's practice syllabication using open and closed vowels.