I am glad that your child decided to take Spanish.  There is really no downside to learning another language.  In Texas, being able to speak Spanish is a useful skill and conversational knowledge of the language can even be a prerequisite for some jobs.  It is certainly useful, fun and helpful in a variety of ways.  An added bonus of learning a new language is higher performance on standardized test scores.  Students who study and master at least some of another language do better on written and language sections of standardized tests.

Learning a new language as a young adult requires a positive attitude and deliberate effort in and outside of class.  It is unlike any other subject a student takes in school, because most students don't have multiple years of experience in Spanish.  This means that your student will have to study and practice Spanish outside of class several times a week, if he or she wants to really progress with learning the language. 

Encourage your student to study flash cards, play Spanish games and to study notes and materials given to them in class. A regular habit of study will reduce your studen'ts anxiety and increase satisfaction and success with class. 

Tutorials schedules are visible on the CHS website for all teachers.  There are multiple opportunities daily for students to attend tutorials.