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All there is to know about Kaun Banega Crorepati


Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian reality television game show. This is in the official Hindi language, and the central Indian domestic version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Amitabh Bachchan has hosted it since the show began, except for the third season, which actor Shah Rukh Khan hosted. KBC's first three seasons were aired on the Star Plus channel in 2000-2007 and was later approved by the programming team of Sameer Nair. It has been broadcast on Sony Entertainment TV since 2010 and has been produced by BIG Synergy from Season 1 to Season 10. Currently, the co-production companies are Studio NEXT in Season 10 and Tree of Knowledge (Digi TOK) in Season 11.

Is the format similar to other people's shows who want to be a millionaire? Privileges: Contestants will be asked multiple-choice questions, will have to choose the correct answer from four possible options, and will be provided with a lifeline that they can use if they are uncertain. Since the 7th season of 2013, the jackpot money for kbc lottery winner has been Rs 7 crores.


The applicant will send a SMS to a specific number to answer the question. Contestants are randomly selected from other promising contestants to complete a series of interviews before appearing in the fastest finger-first group. To qualify, the contestant must be a resident and citizen of India and be at least 18 years old.

Fastest finger first

The selected contestants are then taken to the studio to play Fastest Finger First. There they are asked to rank the four answers in the specified order in the shortest possible time. In the seventh season, contestants are asked three questions, and the person who answers correctly in the shortest time sits on the hot seat.

Main gameplay

Once the participant is selected, they join the host in a "hot seat" and begin answering a series of multiple-choice questions in the process of winning the kbc lottery. Along the way, contestants are free to leave the game with prizes, but if they have the wrong question unless they answer the important question that guarantees some prizes (highlighted in yellow) correctly.

Like their companions, to help them in the way, contestants have a set of lifelines that they can use. The available lifelines depend on the format they use.

Audience Poll (Ask Audience): Audiences present in the studio connected to the keyboard with what they think is the correct answer to the question. The result of the vote will be shown to the contestants.

50:50: The computer removes two wrong answers from the game, leaving the player with one correct answer and one wrong answer.

Phone a Friend: Participants can call a pre-selected friend or family member to answer a question. Once connected, participants and contestants can talk to each other in 30 seconds (45 seconds in Season 7). In 2017, this lifeline became a video call instead of a voice call. In Season 10, this lifeline was removed, and an "Ask Expert" lifeline was adopted.

Expert Advice: In Season 4, the "Expert Advice" lifeline was added to the set of available lifelines. Producers assist contestants by inviting experts in specific general knowledge to study.