*Homework* (Due Thursday, April 5)
*Reading-The Ungrateful Tiger (Reading Passage)
*Math-p. 60
*Study Spelling Words

Homework - For reading homework this week your child should be bringing home
a small paperback reader.  Please have your child
read the book and complete the Responsing/Write About It page in their
Homework Tracker.

Homework tasks are are assigned for skill reinforcement and to build
responsibility.  Our homework is designed to be quick, fun, and (hopefully)
independent.  However, it is always a great idea to sit with your child as
he or she completes homework.  This gives you a chance to communicate with
your child as he/she completes their homework.  This also gives you a chance
to communicate with your child about their learning.  I record each
assignment weekly for a completion grade at the end of the six week
period.  For example, if your child has turned in every math assignment for
homework, they will have a 100 recorded for a math homework grade.  Five
points is taken from the final homework grade for each missing assignment. 
As always if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me.