Class Handbook

Class Rules:

1. Be courteous and respectful to others.

2. Respect classroom procedures and instruction.

3.Be prompt and prepared.

4.Respect school property.

5. Obey Authority

Consequences for misbehavior:

1 card pulled:   Verbal warning and instruction

2 cards pulled:  5 minute loss of recess (student will walk around playground)

3 cards pulled:  Student and teacher conference

4 cards pulled:  Removed from the classroom (time out in hall or another classroom)

5 cards pulled:  Sent to office for counsel (walk the whole recess or P.E.)

6 cards pulled: Sent to office and parent called (possible rod of correction)

Consequences for good behavior:

Blue Jean Pass:  The student cannot have any tardies, uniform infractions or misbehavior cards pulled.

Stickers:  Student will receive a sticker for everyday a misbehavior card is not pulled.  Once the student has ten stickers they will get to choose out of the prize box.

Weekly Drawing:  Students names will be put into a weekly drawing when they are caught being good.

Compliment Chain:  When our class recieves a compliment from another VLA staff member we will add it to the chain.  The students wil get a prize when they meet the classroom goals.