English II Lesson Plans

December 13-17

This week we will be wrapping up the semester.  We will finish reading stories from the Arthurian Legend and continue reviewing the 5 sentence patterns in grammar.  No homework is expected unless work is not completed in class. Thursday is final exam day for even numbered classes.  Friday is final exam day for odd numbered classes. 

Students needing to study for the final exam should review literature quizzes from the entire semester.  They have 7 quizzes over short stories, 5 from the memoir, Night, 5 from the novel, Black Ships Before Troy, and 3 from Arthurian Legend.  Questions from all 20 quizzes will be on the final exam as well as comprehensive grammar questions from the entire semester.  Students should study their grammar notes as well.

 In order for students to be exempt from the exam, they must have a "A" with 4 absences, a "B" with 3 absences, or a "C" with 2 absences. Final exemptions are figured on a class by class basis.