Classroom Management

Classroom Rules:

1.      Be polite, courteous, and respectful at all times.

2.      Complete all assignments neatly and on time.

3.      Leave your seat ONLY when necessary.

4.      Keep your hands to yourself.

5.      Be quiet in lines, hallways, and bathrooms.

6.      Obey all school rules.

7.      Do your best!

 Classroom Consequences:           

 1st step: A private meeting with Mrs. Beery or warning           

2nd step: Lose recess           

3rd step: Phone call or note home to parents- miss Fun Friday           

4th step: Visit the front office- miss Fun Friday I also use a money management system in the class room where the students can be rewarded or fined based on certain behaviors. 

Rewards                                                                        Fines  

Wise use of time               $3                     Shouting out               $1

Job for Week                   $5                    Bathroom Charge         $5

100% on Tests                 $10                    No name on paper        $7

Turn in assignments on 

 time for week                 $10                    Late work                    $10

Agenda signed                  $10                    Poor use of time           $10

Clean desk                       $12                    Messy Desk

Following Pillars                                        Not following class rules     $15 

of Character                   $20                     Not following Pillars                                                          

                                                                of Character             $20