Here are some centers that I do within the classroom that my students enjoy.

 Math Center: I usually put out some games for the students to play with a partner or with a group.

Circles and Stars: multiplication: 2 players: 1 dice, paper, and pencil

The first player rolls the dice they draw as many circles on their paper that are on the dice that they rolled. (ie if they rolled a 3 they draw 3 circles) The next player rolls the dice and they draw that many stars in each circle the other player drew. (ie if they rolled a 5 they draw 5 stars in each of the 3 circles) Then one of the players writes a multiplication problem using the numbers they rolled on the dice. (ie 3X5) The other player then writes the product to the problem by counting the total number of stars in the circles. (ie 3X5= 15)

Listening Center:

I have either a tape or cd with the stories from the reading book and the students listen to the story of the week.

Writing Center:

I have a variety of story starters and pictures for the students to use to writing in their journals. I also supply dictionaries and thesuarus for the students to use.

Reading Center:

We do a variety of activities in this center. Sometimes we will just read the story of the week or the little books that go with the story. We also work on concepts that we have worked on in the past to review.