Field Trips


We will be taking a field trip to the Holyoke Children’s Museum! There are so many fun activities that I know my students will love. There are bubbles, a maze, ambulance, x-ray room and so much more. Like I said in my welcome page I enjoy having my students do hands on activities and this museum definitely allows that. This is important because kids need to be hands on and creative in order to learn and benefit the most. When they see and do things on their own it shows them how to do it and brings them confidence that they accomplished something on their own. It gives kids a sense of leadership. I hope that my students will enjoy this hands on field trip and really benefit from it.

This field trip will be taking place on May30th! The kids will be coming home with pamphlets providing all the information needed. So mark the date on your calendars so your kids won’t miss out on this great experience. Also if you are planning on joining us on this adventure we would love to have you. Just remember to contact me at (134) 576-9023 so I can keep a head count on how many are attending.