About Me

Heres a little information so you can get to know me :)

My name is Kaitlyn Bolduc and I am a kindergarten teacher. I attend Westfield state University getting my degree for teaching. When I was little I loved playing house and school. My parents turned my basement into a little classroom with a desk and chalk board for me so I could play school with my cousins. I always pretended I was the teacher and would have my cousins be the students.  I would give them papers and then correct them. I thought it was the best thing ever. So I knew from an early age what I wanted to be when I grew up. I always wanted to make learning fun as I did in my basement as a little girl and will continue to do as a teacher. I love being outdoors and hands on with my students helping them have an all-around feel of the world. I love Kindergarten because they are just learning everything and to see how much they learn and develop throughout the year is so rewarding. Helping people is what I do best. I just love teaching! Outside of school I enjoy my family, being outdoors, the beach and my dog Bruno. We take him to the park and walks everyday as a family. It’s a good time to enjoy Mother Nature and relax. I hope that give you a good idea about me. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.