The Research Paper

My Letter to Parents & Guardians:

January 31, 2013

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

The research paper is an intrinsic part of the eleventh grade curriculum.  During third quarter, students will be working on a research paper on the topic of The Crucible (which we read in class) and McCarthyism (please see the attached paper for the full prompt and steps).  Every step is outlined, with due dates and weight on the attached paper.  Completing every step in a timely manner is essential to passing third quarter, as the research paper will be half of students’ third quarter grade.  The final product will be due in April (due date TBA), which will lead us into fourth quarter and will count as two test grades.  If students do not hand in their work on the assigned date, they are to hand it in the next day for a maximum of fifty points.  The third day and further on will receive a “zero”.  It is important to note that students cannot skip a step and then hand it in later on, when the final product is due and receive credit for that previous assignment.  Students will be given time in class to work on, collaborate and learn how to write the research paper; however, some of it will have to be done during their own time.  I am available if students need any extra help after school, but ask for requests to be at least twenty-four hours in advance.

While this is a long, detailed process, students will benefit from this, as they will be writing papers such as this in college.  I encourage students to keep handouts from this process to use for future reference in the upcoming years.

I encourage you to be a support for your child.  Please help remind them of due dates and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

After reading this contract and the attached syllabus, please sign that you and your child have read it and understand the terms.  You can keep the top portion of this paper for future reference.  The due date for this simple assignment is Monday, February 4, 2013.

Thank you for your time and understanding.



Mrs. Buonanno


Bring in a folder or a binder to use specifically for the research process.  This material needs to be brought to class every day.   Monday 2/4 (E-day) HW/CW
Research contract signed by student and parent/guardian. Monday 2/4 (E-day) HW/CW
Works Cited Analysis Cards- At least five secondary sources: books, journals, magazines, CD-Roms, databases,etc.  (only one may be from a reputable internet source; NO GOOGLE, SPARKNOTES WIKIPEDIA,ETC.  Fill out at least five bibliography cards and correlating notecards (at least two notecards per source).   Research done in class on various dates as well as during your free time. 1/30-2/8.                                             Cards due Friday, 2/8 (B-day) Quiz
Preliminary Thesis Statement Monday 2/11 (C-day) HW/CW
Primary Souce (The Crucible) analysis of quotes: at least six primary source quotes you plan to use in your paper.   Friday 2/15 (G-day)*day before February break- if you are going to be absent, you must hand them in on Thursday 2/14 or scan and e-mail them all to me on Friday. Quiz
Preliminary Introduction Paragraph:  This is a well crafted paragraph that leads your reading into the piece and builds interest for the reader.  It ends with the thesis statement.  PLEASE UNDERLINE THE THESIS STATEMENT IN THIS DRAFT! Tuesday, 2/26 (B-day) HW/CW
Outline: A well developed outline in traditional format that includes your revised introductory paragraph. Tuesday, 3/5 (G-day) Quiz
Rough Draft: Must include five pages minimum and a works cited page; The grade on the rough draft is based on quality and effort combined.  Students should also get their rough draft edited before handing it in to me.  This copy will need to be attached with your rough draft.  This grade is not to be confused with the final essay grade.  Ex: If a student receives a C on a rough draft, it is possible to receive a lower grade on the final paper because it is a rough draft, so effort and mistakes are taken into consideration.  Students that do not fix mistakes/corrections, etc.  tend to get a lower grade on the final draft. Thursday, 3/14 (G-day) Quiz
Final Draft TBA (within 5-7 days from getting rough draft back) 2 Test grades
If class does not meet on one of the above due dates, your materials are still due that day.  This means you must e-mail me the materials due or drop them off in my mailbox in the office or on my desk in C2-11.  If you are late with any item, you have one day to turn it in for half credit.  Materials should be delivered to me on late days whether the class meets or not, otherwise the step will be a zero.  ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL ON THE FINAL DUE DATE DOES NOT EXCUSE YOU FROM HANDING IT IN, UNLESS YOU PROVIDE A LEGITIMATE MEDICAL NOTE.