Be a Team Player!

Be a Team Player!

We all want our youth to be educated, but not everyone realizes it takes a TEAM to make it happen. While children spend most of their time at school, not all teaching is done at school!  This team must consist of the teacher(s), parent(s), and the student.  We must ALL work together to prepare children for their bright futures.  Here are some things that MUST be done for our children!

I PROMISE to design lessons that make learning fun and interesting, to share progress with parents, and to send home graded papers so parents can see in what areas extra practice is needed. 

I EXPECT students to be at school, behave, and try their best.  I will not accept disruptions or students not doing their work.

I EXPECT parents to bring children to school, help with schoolwork, and support the expectations of the Kate Bond Faculty.

If we all work together, we WILL have a great year!