SCS ~ Music Class ~ Mrs. Burlington

Fall/ September 2011

K-2nd Grade- Music Basics! (Staff, Bar Lines, Treble Clef, E-G-B-D-F;  F-A-C-E)

Songs of Praise - "This Little Light of Mine"; "He's Got the Whole World"

3rd Grade- Review Music Basics, Begin Introduction to Recorders  G-A-B  

(Fingering Chart, Hot Cross Buns)   Remember to label your Recorder Case!

4th-5th Grades- Music Express! 

6th, 7th & 8th Grades- Music Appreciation

7th Grade- 'Pick-A-Composer' Assignment (Classical Composers)

8th Grade- Introduction to Jazz

****Upper Grades- "WORD WALL WORDS"  - Improve your vocabulary-use the Thesaurus