Reading Websites

I do not control any of the materials located on the following websites. I have listed them on this website because I found them to target skills that we have learned in class or will be learning in the future weeks ahead. Please use these websites carefully. If there is any problem with a link, please inform me as soon as possible so that I may either remove it or find another one to replace it.

Fifth grade reading units. Website and reading practice that is provided from Scott Foresman Reading.

(29) This website is to practice fluency!!!! See how fast you can read aloud! Make sure you pronouce every syllable and read the word correctly. The faster you get, the better you will begin to develop your comprehension! ♥ this site!

Plenty of practice for you on these printable worksheets!!!

The website for Harcourt Activities.  Great Tutorials!

Practice skills!!! Great Website!

Excellent for the 5th grade skills practice!!! This website has an assortment of information that is perfect interaction for your child and language arts.

5th grade oral response Questions from MacMillan. ESL

5th grade Reading Activities, Vocabulary Activities; Spelling Activities

Reading Assignments using the Internet in Class

Compare and Contrast

Author's Purpose

Genres Practice

Tall Tales

Figurative Language

Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words





Fact and Opinion

Vocabulary Practice