Meet Mr. Farhoudi

     I am so excited to have the opportunity to share the joy of learning with my amazing students. When I am not at school, I enjoy coming home to my own house full of kids.

     My wife and I have been married for thirteen years, and we have three wonderful children! Two boys and one girl. My boys want to know if you, love to play as much as they do? My little girl loves to read, read read. Oh, I can't forget our dog. She loves to wrestle with the kids and is a loved member of our family.

     I am all smiles.

     So in my spare time (that little bit between family school and pets) my hobbies are reading,
gardening, and soccer.

    My friends say I am a nerd and proud of it, but really I love to be outside. I am a huge fan of nature. A few other things that I love are movies? and superheroes!

     I also love my brothers a lot? which makes me a very proud Uncle.
And I love to laugh really, really loud!