Introduction to Honors Biology


  • Three ring binder with 5 dividers for Warm Ups, Notes, CW/HW/Q, Labs, and Tests
  • Paper
  • Pens/pencils
  • Colored Pencils or Markers

Grading Policy

Calvert County Public Schools has a comprehensive grading policy in effect for all secondary schools. All grades must fall under the categories of Process  or Product  within the classroom.  Process (30%) is a measure of a student’s progress as they achieve mastery of subject material.  Product (70%) is a measure of student achievement or mastery of subject matter.

There are 5 quarters that make up your final grade for this class.

Quarter grades for 1-4 will be based on the following:

10%    CLASSWORK / HOMEWORK:  Assignments may include warm ups, notes, vocabulary, reading, worksheets, chapter questions, board questions, and class participation.

20%    QUIZ / GIST:  Quizzes may be planned or unplanned.  A quiz will be used to assess student progress.  Quizzes may be retaken as necessary to achieve mastery of content within the classroom.  Articles found in magazines, newspapers, or the Internet will be used to make biology connections outside of the classroom.  Each student will be responsible for reading and completing an article review during each complete week (5 day).  A copy of the article is required.

30%    LAB / PROJECT:  Activities may include formal lab reports, group and individual assignments, and/or presentations.  

40%    TEST:  Tests will follow each unit of study.  Benchmarks will be assessed throughout the year as both a unit test during the quarter it is given and a county assessment for 5th quarter. 

The 5th Quarter grade is based on Benchmarks, Midterm, and the Final Project.

Each quarter counts 20% of your final grade.

Make-Up work will be provided for excused absences. The amount of time available will be based on the number of days you are absent from class. Special circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.