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To help answer many parent and student questions about being exempt from finals, please see the following questions and answers.  If you have any other questions not listed, I will do my best to answer them in email.
Finals are next Thursday and Friday December 17th and 18th from 8:30-11:40
The Exemption Policy Q & A
December 2009
How can a student be exempt from a final?
Students are exempt from “FINALS” in a class if these conditions are met with the understanding that absences count whether they are excused or unexcused
·         “A” Average for the semester and 3 absences or less for that class
·         “B” Average for the semester and 2 absences or less for that class
·         “C” Average for the semester and 1 absence or less for that class
How does a teacher determine the student’s average toward being exempt from the final?
The teacher will average the student’s 1st 9 weeks average with their 2nd 9 weeks average to determine if the student is exempt.  The cutoff day for our team will be Monday, December 14th
If a student is exempt from finals, is the student required to come to school on the day(s) of finals?
No.  Also, a student who has perfect attendance and is exempt from finals is not required to show up in order to maintain their perfect attendance status. 
Is being exempt from a final based on daily attendance or period attendance?
It is based on attendance by each period.
Will there be a form sent home with the students to fill out with their parent(s)/guardian(s) if they plan on not taking a final or checking out after completing a final?
Yes.  We plan on sending a form home a week before finals.
If a student has to take a final on Friday, but is exempt for finals on Thursday, do they have to show up on Thursday?
No.  In this case, the student may stay home on Thursday and it not count against their attendance.
If a student is exempt and comes to school, what will they be doing?
Taking the final as scheduled.
What will be the schedule for exams?
  • All connections finals will be given on Wednesday, December 16th.
  • Students will take their 1st and 2nd Academic Blocks Finals on Thursday, December 17th.
  • Students will take their 3rd and 4th Academic Blocks Finals on Friday, December 18th. 
 Will lunch be served on the days students take finals?
Yes, to those students who do not leave once the last final has been taken for the day.
What happened to the dance that was scheduled for Thursday, December 17th?
It has been rescheduled for Friday, January 15th. 

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Please keep in mind that since I only have a class set of social studies books, most work will be done in the classroom.  It will be rare that your child has homework in my class.  However, every student is expected to study for tests at home.  If you are receiving my emails, then you will be receiving a study guide before each test attached to the email.  :) 

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