Textbook: The World and Its People (Glencoe, 2005)

Materials needed everyday:  spiral  notebook, pen/pencil, paper.
Spiral notebooks are used in class almost everyday.  In our spirals, the students will write class notes, vocabulary terms/definitions and current event topics.  The spiral notebook is where they will find answers to their study guide to study for tests.  There WILL ALWAYS be a study guide for each test.
Extra materials needed (on some days) colored pencils/crayons/markers, scissors, glue stick. 

Goals/ Objectives:  The students will use the five basic themes of geography to study the Earth and everything in it.  The five themes of geography are place, location, human/environment interaction, region, and movement.  Each chapter has separate goals and objectives that are required by the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum.

Areas of study: Geography Skills, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Oceania.

 Classroom Rules:  Be on time to class, listen to instruction, be prepared for class, be respectful to teacher and classmates

 Grades: Will consist of classwork, homework, notebook, tests and participation.

Explanation of assignments:

Classwork- most classwork assignments will be taken up or checked in class.  Sometimes the student will receive a grade and sometimes it will be a checkmark grade.  Checkmarks are kept up with in my gradebook and the student will receive a grade from all accumulated checkmarks while losing points for any that are missing.

 Spiral notebook- students will keep a spiral notebook in class.  They will take notes, write vocabulary and also current events. This is where test material will be taken from.

Tests- chapter tests and quizzes will be given periodically.  There will always be a study guide for the student to complete and then study.  If your child scores poorly on a test, please check to make sure that they studied their guide.  Students can make arrangements to retake tests that they made a failing grade on.

 Test/homework passes- Due to the nature of some assignments, I reserve the right to decide whether or not to honor test or homework passes.  Students should always ask whether or not the pass is valid before deciding not to complete an assignment or study for a test.