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Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

 I believe that everyone will and should have a place within my classroom.  They all hold a special place in my classroom and in society.  No matter where my students come from, there is something for each of them to bring to the table and to take away.  It is important to me to inspire my students in creating a safe space where students can respect and be respected.

 I feel that it is equally important to be a guide in my students as it is to be a teacher in Spanish to allow them to take an active role in their learning.  It is important that I meet the needs of each of my students to get real life experiences and Spanish from the classes.  In order to meet the needs of my students, I plan on using several different methods of teaching, including hands on, technology based and cooperative learning groups.

As a teacher, I have a hand in their future as students and future employees.  I also believe  that my students will help shape me as well into the teacher I will become throughout my teaching career.  

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