My Expectations and District Policies.


 My Expectations:

That all students will demonstrate what it is to be respectful and to be responsible in and out of the classroom.  Respect includes not talking when the teacher or another student is talking and no put downs!  For those of you that do not know what a put down is, it is when we are not mean to someone else by saying or doing mean things.  Within my classroom, it becomes OUR classroom where we will be expected to work with each other and be willing help each other.  

I expect everyone to work hard.  

If there is something bothering you, please let me know if I can help or at let me know so I can be aware of it!  If there is a problem, please let me know so we can solve the situation.  It is far better  than to take the problem into your own hands and create a bigger problem.

District Policy on Attendance

 Parents/Guardians should call the school the day of the absence and must send a note with their student to school the next day after an absence explaining the nature of the absence. Students must take their note directly to the Attendance Office and get a tardy pass from the Attendance Worker before going to class. Students without a tardy pass are not allowed to enter the classroom.

Homework Policy

 When homework is given, it is expected to be completed by the next class.  We will have classes 2 times a week, 25 minutes each time we meet.  Any homework assigned will be given the first class of the week and expected to  be turned in the next time we meet, unless otherwise noted.  Homework will not receive an actual grade, but a check to see if it was completed.  I do feel that the purpose of homework is to practice towards mastery and should be a tool to help students in an area.