Snack Calendar

Our Class Snack 

        This year we will have a “community snack.”  This is for convenience, but more to build a sense of community within the classroom.  We ask parents to contribute snack for the whole class approximately one day every month. 

        This method is financially more affordable than providing a daily snack and allows all children to enjoy a nutritious snack.  Please send a NUTRITIOUS snack for 24 children as well as 24 cups and napkins (or paper towels).  Let us know if this isn’t possible so we can ensure that all days are accounted for. 

        We will make sure that your family will be in charge of sending snack on (or close to) your child’s birthday so that we can celebrate as a class.  Also, if you care to send in extra snacks we will store them in our “food pantry” to be used if someone forgets or is unable to send anything. 


Suggestions for snack:

Whole grain crackers, graham crackers, fresh fruit, bagels, banana bread, popcorn, pretzels, anything else creative that you can think of!


Thank you in advance for your support in building our class community!!