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We will be having a World History Pre-Test on Mon. & Tue., Oct., 4th & 5th, (which is an assessment for the County - not for a grade, but it is important) - so you get an extra day to study for your Early Africa Test and to Finish your Early Africa Packet and Worksheet.

Early Africa Early Africa PowerPoint Packet 2020_2021.docx  due Tue., Oct. 6th.

 The TEST  will be around 30 questions: "B" - Wed. - Oct. 7th & "A"- Thur., Oct. 8th 

This is the order that you should be completing your work:

1) East Asia DBQ --- due Sun., Sept. 27th  ---- Do this at HOME --- It is a reading you must highlight, and then a multiple choice quiz (6 questions) that is counted as student work in Pinnacle(24 Points) 

2) Kublai Khan DBQ QUIZ (Test Grade) due Sun., Oct. 4th ---Do this at HOME --- It is a reading you must highlight, and then a multiple choice quiz (5 questions) that is counted as a TEST in Pinnacle (15 Points)

3) Early Africa PPT Packet - due Tue., Oct. 6th - get this done during class - plenty of time. (50 Points)

4) Crossing the Desert DBQ Worksheet --- due Tue., Oct. 6th --- Do this in class whenever there is extra time and also at home. DO NOT waste class time. Use your time wisely. You have plenty of time! This is reading, vocab, reference, research, highlighting, and writing. You will use this info for some DBQ questions on the Early Africa Test(50 Points)


If you are absent or can't get into a TEAMS Meeting Look under Agenda and Warm Ups: Look under Agenda and Warm Ups to see what is due and when it is due : Don't email me right away. I can't answer them all; I get too many. I want to, but I can't - I'm sorry. The information you need is on my website. Look there first. Thanks! heart

Look under Resources / Handouts  and under PowerPoints  for your assignments:

                        Hello Students! Welcome to Mrs. Harrington's World History Honors!!!!

We're going to have a great year. I know you will enjoy learning about world history. It's all the stories that make our world what it is today. By learning about our past, we can hope to create a better today and an amazing future!

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