Contributing to the Profession: 5th grade resources

Class Dojo

I have used this page as a way to manage behaviors, reward participation, and communicate with parents.  The parents love the positive feedback and the class stories.  

Khan Academy

This page is excellent for any grade level!  You can even use it if you want to brush up on your skills.  :)  You set up your class and you can view your students' progress in the various categories.



There are some free resources here, otherwise it is about $20.00 a year.  There are many helpful activities and worksheets to enhance activities.  I often use these when students are asking for extra work (yes, some do this).  You can even access assignments based on the Common Core State Standards.  


Google Classroom

 I am still learning some of the wonders of Google Classroom.  I currently use it to assign activities, have students submit work, and create assignments.  The students are able to collaborate to complete assignments and add multimedia presentations.  Simply set up your class and give students the code to join your class.  They can then view and post assignments, and message you or other students to ask any questions they may have!