Grade 6 Social Studies

Byzantine Empire                                                             

Thursday (5/26/11):Ch 10 sec 1 pg 289 Writing Activity in SS Notebook; sec 1 flashcards
Friday (5/27/11): Ch 10 sec 2 highlight and answer questions; sec 2 flashcards
Tuesday (5/31/11): Ch 10 sec 3 highlight and answer questions; sec 3 flashcards
Wednesday (6/1/11): Ch. 10 assessment
Thursday (6/2/11): Ch 11 packet Sec. 1-3 due Monday
We are currently working on Chapter 10 - Byzantine and Muslim Civilizations
Chapter 10 is divided into 3 sections. 
  • The students preview each section to obtain a basic understanding of the objectives, key terms, headings & subheadings, and any illustrations before they begin reading it aloud. During and after reading we discuss the sections in class.
  • For homework the children will be assigned a section summary worksheet and guided-reading worksheet. The students create flashcards for each section which will be collected upon completion of the chapter. The full set of flashcards receive a quiz grade. There will be a quiz after each section and a test at the end of the chapter. Tests and quizzes will be announced in advance.
  • The textbook offers a support website - Click on Prentice-Hall Social Studies and enter the web code that can be found throughout each chapter. There is a review at the end of each chapter to prepare for the test.