Grade 8 Social Studies

Monday (5/31/11): Ch 24 Packet due Thursday
Chapter 24- World War II Era -1933 - 1945
  • The students preview each section so that they have a basic understanding of the objectives, key terms, headings & subheadings, and any illustrations. The section is read aloud in class either as a whole group or in small groups followed by class discussions.  
  • For homework they will be assigned a section summary worksheet and note-taking worksheet. Frequently I will assign written responses to questions given on a specific topic from the chapter. There will be quizzes throughout each chapter followed by a chapter test. Random homework assignments will be selected as quiz grades.
  • All tests will be announced in advance, but there may be pop quizzes from time to time. The textbook offers a support website - Click on Prentice-Hall Social Studies and enter the web code that can be found throughout each chapter. There is a helpful review at the end of each chapter to prepare for the test.