Welcome to Ms. E's class!

smileyWelcome to Ms. E's class!smiley


A little about Ms. E...

I am Kathy Edwardson, and I will be teaching literacy and communication skills to your child while he/she is enrolled in the PATH program at Murdoch Development Center. I have 30 years experience as a classroom teacher in all areas and levels of special education. I come to PATH from Wake County Public Schools, where my most recent job was working with children with moderate to severe autism in a self-contained setting. I look forward to working with you and your child.



A little about the PATH program...

The PATH program (Partners in Autism Treatment and Habilitation) is a statewide residential program that serves children ages 6 - 16 who have severe autism and behavioral issues. The PATH unit is located at Summerset Cottage on the campus of Murdoch Developmental Center in Butner, NC. Children enrolled in the program reside in apartment-style living and attend school held in classrooms on the unit. This program can serve a maximum of 12 children: 10 beds for children who are admitted for the full 2 year program and 2 beds for 90 day respite admissions. The PATH program also operates two group homes in the surrounding area. Each of these homes provides living space for up to 4 children. PATH rents space from the local school system, and the students living in the group homes attend classes there. Both the PATH unit and the PATH group homes are fully staffed 24/7. Our hope is that students admitted to the PATH program will stay in the cottage unit for their first year and then transfer to one of the group homes for their second year. While in the program, students will receive services from the entire treatment team and will be involved in community outings as well as recreational programs provided on Murdoch's campus.



For Your Information:

Your child's initial IEP meeting will be held in conjunction with PC plan upon admission.

Reviews for both plans will be held annually; program reviews occur every 3 months from the date of admission.

Transition planning will begin in earnest after the completion of the first year for two year admissions.

Our social worker, Mrs. Mary Smith, will contact you with all meeting dates and any other pertinent information.



Please see these websites for useful information:










  Our social worker, Mrs. Mary Smith (919-575-1908), can provide you with more specific contact information.