About Me

About Ms. Keisha
Full Name: Keisha Gant
Roleplay Age: 23 Years Old
 College Attended: Hillcrest College
Degree Earned: High School Education with a Minor in Dance
Character Bio: Keisha is a very fun girl. She is very outgoing and loves being around people. She sometimes comes off as being shy but she really isn't. She mainly just likes to sit back and observe those around her. She was dumped by her parents the day she turned 13 and has been on her own ever since. She sometimes wishes she had a family to take her in and love her and be there for her but is also okay being on her own as well. She attended college through financial aid at Hillcrest, receiving her degree in Education. She is teaching this term as the Modeling Instructor and is also the Dance Team Coach. She is also helping out part time in the Counselor's Office as a Counselor. She loves what she does and is looking forward to a great semester.