My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I believe that all students matter.  Each student is an individual that comes into my classroom with their own individual needs.  I believe it is very important to get to know my students and build relationships with them.  My classroom is not just a place that the students will come into to just sit and listen to lectures.  My classroom is a safe and comfortable place for students to come in and be themselves.  My classroom is a place that is meant for my students and my students will create the space that they feel is best for themselves.  All students have the ability to learn become better citizens.  My goal as a teacher is to figure out how each of my students learns best and to deliver my instruction in a way that will reach all students.  


"As teachers, we have the great privilege and responsibility to impact our students' lives positively, giving them reasons to push forward and motivating them to want to succeed in life."  - Gustav G.


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