Behavior Expectations

Our classroom rules and expectations center around the idea of the two “R”s– Respect and Responsibility.  Specifically they are “I am ready, respectful and a learner”.  What does this look and sound like at school?

  • I am responsible for my actions (this includes what I do and say).
  • I will come to school prepared and ready to learn (this includes bringing all necessary materials and assignments to school and coming to school with a positive attitude, ready for all the adventures in learning we have in store).
  • I will follow my teachers’ directions promptly and with a positive attitude.
  • I will respect the feelings, properties, and opinions of all members of the MICS community.

If rules and expectations are followed students can expect a positive and peaceful working environment potentially earning praise, and privileges.  However, if a student chooses to break a rule, specific steps will be taken as allowed in the student handbook located in the front of the student planner.