Student have a Spelling Journal which contains a homework guide for nightly spelling homework in the front cover and their spelling list for the week. For reading homework, students have a Reading Journal. Also in the front cover of the journal is the reading response template/example. We will be giving each student a multiplication/division chart to study math facts. This sheet will go in the front clear pocket of their homework planner/agenda. 

Each week, students will complete the following homework:

Spelling: Each child will have to complete one "must do" activity and three "may do" activities for a total of four assignments to be due on Friday. The spelling words will be pasted every student's Spelling Journal. 

Spellingcity.com is a fun and easy way to practice your spelling words! We have set up an account for our class so you can study your list each week.

Simply click on the link below and scroll down to "find a list". Enter the username kellerbeth. The lists will appear by date. Choose the list you need to study and have fun!



Math Facts:Please review addition & subtraction facts nightly.   Math tests will be on Thursdays.

Reading response: Each night, students will read for about 30 minutes and write a reading response. The format for the reading response is in the page protector in the homework folder. The responses should be completed on notebook paper. Students are be able to choose which response they would like to use for their homework. 

Math: Every night, students will have a math worksheet to complete based on the skills taught that day.