Netiquette- the correct or acceptable way of communicating on the Internet.

"Netiquette includes rules that provide guidance for appropriate social interaction and technical performance online. What constitutes good netiquette varies among the many subcultures of the Internet, and, of course, netiquette issues change with time and technology." (Britannica)

Online learning resources, including the Internet, are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Students are prohibited from accessing, posting, submitting, publishing, or displaying harmful matter or material that is obscene, threatening, disruptive, or sexually explicit; that could be construed as harassment, disparagement, or cyberbullying of others (based on their race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or political beliefs); or that is intended to annoy, harass, intimidate, disrupt the operation of the program, or interfere with the rights of other students.