Week of Sept. 7--10

No Weekly Quote Interpretation this week due to holiday.

Approach Paper (Book Report) due Sept. 17 in all classes.

Tuesday, Sept. 7--in Pre-AP, we will be discussing the analysis of the passage, "All in a Summer's Day"; as well as discussing gerunds, appositives, and participial phrases--handout.  We will also be discussing sentence structure (handout).

In English 10, we will work on prepositional phrases with a review over appositives.  We will also discuss the responses to the passage, "All in a Summer's Day." 

Wednesday, Sept. 8, Pre-AP--Annie Dillard's "Nightwatch" excercise

English 10--Phrases, continued, Vocabulary handout #2 with sentences and exercise sheet (due Thursday).

Thursday, Sept. 9, Pre-AP--"Nightwatch" continued (weeklong process)

English 10--Check vocabulary ws; participial phrases notes

Friday, Sept. 10, Pre-AP--"Nightwatch"

English 10--Reading for AR