Module 6 Hotlist

Webpage Hotlist

Theme: The Life and Times of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Plays & Poems in Audio and Video

A great resource for students who struggle with reading and writing since it involves readings of excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays, as well as some video clips.

Shakespeare Illustrated: 

For the more visual learners, as well as those artists in the class, this site is highly beneficial since it provides information about Shakespeare’s times by showing the artwork of that time.

Shakespeare’s Life and Plays and Poems:

A excellent site for research since it offers the most comprehensive overview of not only Shakespeare’s life but also his works.

The Shakespeare Mystery

This link features a PBS Frontline program debating who the real Shakespeare was, along with much written information on this same topic. Once again it would appeal to more visual learners.

Electronic Shakespeare

This website offers an enormous selection of links to other sites about Shakespeare, along with brief description of each. So it is a portal to a vast amount of knowledge about the author and playwright.

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