Ms. Grosch's Class Information

Welcome to another fantastic year at Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center.  I look forward to teaching your child Comprehensive Science and/or Mathematics this year.  Our school achieved an A score again.  This incredible achievement is the result of a fantastic team of teachers, supportive parents, and our students' hard work and dedication.

A little about myself.  I am a 14 year veteran teacher.  I have been teaching at EBT for the past nine years in both third and fourth grades. I have a BA in Psychology/Sociology, Certification in Elementary Education, and  I have a master's degree is ESOL from Florida International University.  I am certified in Elementary Education 1-6, ESOL K-12, and Social Sciences 6-12.  I love to teach and look forward to an incredible year of exciting learning!

 Please review the following tips to help get this year off to a great start.  I hope that this list will help you prepare your child and assist you in any questions that may arise throughout the year.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to use my school email at to reach me.  I am always open to constructive suggestions and open lines of communication.  Together we will work to ensure that your child has the best educational opportunities in sixth grade.


  1. Please ensure that your child attends school on a daily basis and arrives on time.  As our middle school has block schedules, missing a day can make it difficult to catch up on missed material.
  2. Supply your child with all necessary tools to succeed.  Organization is one of the keys to success in my class.  Lost consumable books will not be replaced by the school and to purchase another is a pain.
  3. Homelearning is a direct reflection of what was taught in class and must be completed weekly.  Effort and conduct grades are affected by their adherence to the homelearning policy.  Students will need to study on a regular and consistent basis.  Assessments will be based on material convered in class and assigned throughout the lessons. 
  4. I am available!  I am usually at school by 7:30 each morning and check my email twice a day.  You will receive a prompt reply so please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you should need a conference, I will schedule one as soon as possible to discuss any concerns.   A strong parent teacher relationship is necessary to ensure that your child is successful in my class.

Thanks again for your interest in my class.


Ms. Grosch