Year at a Glance Science

First Nine Weeks

I.  Natural Disasters and their Effects on Floridians

II.  Thermal Energy Transfer

III.  Climate and Global Patterns

IV.  Causes of Weather

V.  Atmosphere and Spheres of the Earth

Quarterly Assessments

Second Nine Weeks

VI.  How Weathering and Erosion Affect the Earth

VII.  Landforms of the Geosphere

VIII.  Potential and Kinetic Energy

IX.  Energy Transfers and the Law of Conservation of Energy

Quarterly Assessments

Third Nine Weeks

X.  Motion of Objects

XI. Types of Forces

XII.  Law of Universal Gravitation

XIII.  Forces and Motion

XIV.  Levels of Organization

Quarterly Assessments

Fourth Nine Weeks

XV.  Cell Theory

XVI.  Cell Structure and Organelles

XVII.  Homeostasis

XVIII.  Human Body Systems

XIX.  Pathogens Comparison

XX.  Substance Abuse, Health, and Decision Making

XXI.  Human Growth and Development

Quarterly Assessment

Final Assessments