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Welcome.  By now I hope that I have had the opportunity to meet you.  Please know that my goal is to develop a love for math and/or science in your child in sixth grade.  Please ensure that your child has their supplies and is ready to learn each day.  There are a lot of papers to fill out the beginning of the year, so please sign and return as quickly as possible.  Check the agenda to see what is due and when.  Helping your child be organized is a great gift!

Remember parents, the first day of the school week is Formal Uniform day (even if it is a Wednesday).  Students MUST wear their formal shirts with their ties.


Logging into the various websites:

Sign up for Gizmos

  1.  Go to
  2. Click on Enroll in a Class
  3. Teacher’s Code: 






  1.  Write down your user name and password inside your cover of your agenda or in your Class Folder. 

Sign up for the Science Textbook access:

  1.  Go to
  2. Click on Register
  3. Type in the class access code:  D8B3FF9594CDE2B56A70
  4. Follow instructions to register.  Do not use your full name as your user name.
  5. Write down your user name and password in your class folder.




 Upcoming Events: (3rd and 4th Grading Period)

February 1 Holiday

March 22  Teacher Planning Day

March 25-29 Spring Break

April 15 - 26 FCAT Testing Window

May 27 Holiday

June 6 Last Day of School