I am Kelly Harkinson, the creator of this website, and I work towards developing children and their skills. Born in Washington D.C. I lived with a family of four, that includes: my two pesky little brothers and my sisters. I always had to look out for my siblings, especially my brothers because they always got into trouble. Children are practically my life and I feel that they should have a better chance in life instead of begging their parents at age 30 to get the groceries! 

I have two wonderful children, Mary, age 7, and Liam, age 7, they are twins. I promised myself that they would succeed at whatever they persue, except for drug dealing and other criminal activities, those are big NO NO's.

I always want my kids to succeed, now Mary thinks she is an independent thinker and the president of Pinkoria, her imaginary world. She loves Marget Thatcher, god bless her soul.

 Right now this earth and its countries are in what I like to call "a major breakdown". I just want the future generations of this Earth to be known as the civilization that didn't have economic crisis's,  war every second, a bad government, divorces, abuse, criminal acts and ect.

Let's build a better future. Let's build a better world.


Kelly Harkinson