Referral Resources

Below are a list of resources that may be of benefit to the families of

Rolling Hills. This is not an exhaustive list, but just some that references that I have had good results from. There are many other great resources in the community that are not listed on here.  


Bereavement:                              Grace Lutheran Church


                                                    Provide counseling for families & children

                                                    recently confronted with death

Cancer:                                        American Cancer Society

                                                    "I Can Cope Program" - 937-390-5000

                                                    Patient education program and support

                                                    system for individuals and their families

Child Abuse:                                Clark County Family & Children's Services


                                                    Investigate suspected child abuse and provide

                                                    referrals to community agencies

Counseling:                                  Family Service Agency


                                                    Provide counseling for children and adults

                                                    Oesterlen Services for Youth


                                                    Provide intensive inpatient and outpatient

                                                    counseling services

                                                    Positive Perspectives


                                                    Provide counseling for families and children

Domestic Violence:                      Project Women


                                                    Help for battered women & victims of rape

Literacy Tutoring:                       Warder Literacy Center


                                                    Teach children and adults to read

Marriage:                                     Marriage Resource Center


                                                    Curriculum classes that teach how to have a

                                                    healthy marriage and relationship

Mental Health Services:              Youth Challenges


                                                    Help for children with severe emotional


Parenting:                                    Parents as Teachers

                                                    Lorrainne Waldron - 937-342-4040

                                                    Offer guidance in good parenting skills

Pediatric Physicians:                   Rocking Horse Center


                                                    Pediatric and adult medical services

Sexual Abuse:                             Child Advocacy Center

                                                    Pam Meermans - 937-327-3753

                                                    Help for victims of suspected sexual abuse

Suicide:                                       Miami Valley Hospital

                                                    Survivors of Suicide - 937-226-0818

                                                    Help for families & friends who are grieving due

                                                    to the loss of a loved one through suicide

Substance Abuse:                       Mental Health Services for Youth


                                                    Support counseling for children, adolescents &

                                                    families suffering through substance abuse